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NAVITIME for Japan Travel is a smartphone app for foreign tourists visiting Japan. It includes the features such as multi-modal door-to-door route search, GPS voice navigation, trains status information or train route map and offline search for free Wi-Fi spot, all of which are written in English.

Main Features

Multi-modal Door-to-door Route Search
Transit Search from Train Route Map
GPS Voice Navigation
Spot Search from 4 Million Points of Interest
Information on Must-see Spots around Tokyo
History and Favorites of Spots and Routes
Offline Search for Free Wi-Fi Spot


Multi-modal Door-to-door Route Search
NAVITIME helps you to search for the best route to your destination combining several means of transportation, such as trains, buses or walking. If a problem occurs on the searched route, the app lets you know the train status.
Transit Search from Train Route Map
Search the train route map※1, which is all written in English including the names of the stations.
Information on Must-see
Spots around Tokyo Introducing the must-see spots around Tokyo with guide text and photos.
Offline Search for Free Wi-Fi Spot
Over 50,000 free Wi-Fi spots in Japan such as NTT FREE Wi-Fi, FREESPOT and Starbucks can be searched even while offline. AR mode will guide the distance and direction to the spot.
Train route map is only available for the Tokyo metropolitan area. (As of Sep. 2013.)

Country / Charges

Country Language Charges
Japan English 7 days ticket $7.99
30 days ticket $16.99

Supported OSes

iPhone iOS6.1 or later
Android Android OS 4.0 or later


Download the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Provision of Information

  • Map:ZENRIN CO., LTD.
  • Train Service Status:Rescuenow Inc.
  • The other information such as timetable of public transportations or location information is provided by the right holder or by the one licensed from the right holder.

(As of Sep. 2013.)