NAVITIME JAPAN Launches "Travel Planning Site" in English Enabling Visitors from Overseas to Easily Plan Trips within Japan | NAVITIME JAPAN

NAVITIME JAPAN Launches "Travel Planning Site" in English Enabling Visitors from Overseas to Easily Plan Trips within Japan

In addition, visitors can select from and adjust numerous pre-planned sightseeing itineraries
 in conjunction with Travel Planning Site

TOKYO, Japan - December 2, 2016 - NAVITIME JAPAN Co. Ltd. today further expanded its "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" services, launching new services that help visitors plan trips and customize pre-planned model itineraries in English, based on using the travel-planning site "NAVITIME Travel" (

NAVITIME Travel launched a "Travel Planning" service that makes it easy for visitors to plan their trips within Japan. Based on the idea of "where I most want to go", this new service takes into consideration locations and travel times between hotels, for example, and other sightseeing spots, where visitors want to visit. The new service shows a list of travel destinations, travel times, and maps all on one screen. In addition to that, users can easily create their own travel plans by simply using the convenient drag-and-drop feature. Furthermore, the service also automatically calculates travel times between different locations, which are displayed in the "travel-time" section.* NAVITIME JAPAN's CEO, Keisuke Onishi, was pleased to add, "This is an invaluable service to visitors who are not familiar with distances and travel times in Japan, as it enables them to easily plan itineraries suited to their own desires and needs." 

In addition, NAVITIME launched a new service, providing numerous original, pre-planned sightseeing itineraries based on using the expertise of its curation app Plat by NAVITIME, which provides information for traveling out and about. Two examples of these pre-planned itineraries are a "Day Trip Walking in Arashiyama/Kyoto -the Breathtaking Sights" and a "Day Trip in Kabuki-za/Tokyo -Enjoying Shopping and Kabuki". 

Since these pre-planned, sightseeing itineraries can be used in conjunction with the new Travel Planning service, users can make their own travel plans by adjusting the model itineraries and adding other destinations of interest or deleting places where they don't want to go. As a result, they can quickly plan their own, customized trips to make the most of their time to enjoy Japan's charms and attractions to the fullest.

As of today, there are 60 pre-planned model itineraries covering six areas, which are Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Kyoto, and Okinawa. Going forward NAVITIME JAPAN plans to add not only more areas but also more specific itineraries within each of the areas. 

*Note that the travel routes shown on the site currently are not in English. For travel routes in English, users should use the "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" app.  
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