NAVITIME JAPAN Launches "Tokyo NAVITIME Travel" Travel-information Application in English | NAVITIME JAPAN

NAVITIME JAPAN Launches "Tokyo NAVITIME Travel" Travel-information Application in English

Based on chatbot technology, app includes 400 travel-related locations to help visitors plan trips,
 from the initial planning stage up to the time of actual traveling

TOKYO, Japan - May 23, 2017 - NAVITIME JAPAN Co. Ltd. today further expanded its "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" services, launching Tokyo NAVITIME Travel , an English-language, travel-information application for use on iOS® Android OS® devices. 

This latest application was developed to assist visitors going to Tokyo by providing them informative articles on recommended tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. when they visit Kamakura. The articles, created in-house by NAVITIME, provide information on 400 locations of interest to visitors, which NAVITIME researched on its own. The locations are categorized under "nature", "culture", "food", "lodging" and others, and include details such as addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours, maps and other useful information about each location. 

By using chatbot, one user interface (UI), this application enables users to easily search for locations by simply asking questions verbally to their iOS devices. For example, when users haven't decided where they want to go, they can ask questions such as "I'm hungry." and "I want to buy a local souvenir." The application, then, answers their questions. NAVITIME JAPAN's CEO, Keisuke Onishi, commented, "This app's intuitive flexibly to interpret and respond typifies the achievement of NAVITIME's proprietary, natural-language-processing engine combined with Microsoft's ® cloud service and AI technology."

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