Corporate Philosophy

NAVITIME Aims to Establish a New World-Standard of Time

Time is a world-standard unit calculated by humans. But that's not where the story ends. We are living in another flow of time--the limited time allocated to our own individual lifetimes.

NAVITIME JAPAN has focused on personal time, vital for the information industries of the future, and we define time spent in transit as time spent navigating accurately: NAVITIME. Our goal is to establish this new unit of time as a world standard by pushing forward with our development.

In our daily lives, when we are thinking about how to get to our next destination and how long it will take to get there, we constantly face the stress of the possibility of being late. Just imagine how convenient our lives would be if there was a function on the cellphones we always carry, that could accurately guide us to our destinations by the time we need to get there.

At NAVITIME, our goal is to eliminate the stress involved with travel and create more useful time in people's limited lifetimes. Guided by this vision, we devote ourselves to improving our technical development.

Our vision for navigation is one that empowers people around the world to travel anywhere with peace of mind as long as they have their computer or cellphone. In a world where everything you need to know is just the click of a button away: Access global maps and timetables whenever you need them. Input your destination, freely combine various methods of transportation--everything from train to airplane, bus, car, and walking--and instantly have your optimal, personalized route and journey duration time displayed. Also, if what moves you is not limited to people, but expanded to things and information, it will become possible to instantly calculate all moving phenomena via NAVITIME products.

We have developed NAVITIME original route search engines and map data formats in order to make this a reality. Going forward, we will accumulate maps, timetables, data and content necessary for travel from around the globe in the NAVITIME database, and aim to become the de facto standard for route search engines.

We are always striving to improve our development so that the optimal routes and times calculated by NAVITIME products drive the creation of next-generation industry. We would also like to contribute to society while supporting the integration of individuals and networks from a technical perspective.