Basic Policy on Information Security

NAVITIME JAPAN Basic Policy on Information Security

Last Revised: May 1, 2015
CEO: Keisuke Onishi, Ph.D.

As a company that offers navigation services that use the Internet, NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. ("NAVITIME JAPAN") hopes to reduce people's worries and uncertainties about travel, an essential action in their lives, and allow them to travel safely and with peace of mind. We also hope that this empowers each individual person to use their limited time more effectively.

NAVITIME JAPAN is acutely aware that it is our social responsibility to handle information assets that we possess appropriately and upon consideration of security in order to offer services that customers can use safely and with peace of mind. We will constantly work to improve our safety management system that deals with changes in laws, regulations, the social environment, and risks.

Each and every executive and employee of NAVITIME JAPAN will comply with the following principles and strive to carry out corporate activities with integrity.


  1. We understand and comply with information security laws and regulations, government policies, and contractual security obligations.
  2. To ensure information security, we will instate a Chief Information Security Officer, clarify employee roles and responsibilities, and establish the necessary system.
  3. We will gain an understanding of the status of management of information assets and conduct risk analysis and implement appropriate measures. We will subsequently continue to work on improvements.
  4. We will establish a management system of information assets and implement the appropriate measures to prevent illegal access to, leaks and tampering of information assets. We will also implement necessary measures, including thorough employee education and supervision and management of contractors.