Privacy Policy | NAVITIME Japan


First Draft: March 1, 2005
Last Revised: July 21, 2009

At NAVITIME JAPAN, we recognize that protection of personal information is important, and acknowledge the social responsibilities of properly handling information collected from our customers. Please take a moment to read through how we safeguard your privacy.

  1. We protect personal information of our customers, partners, and employees ("Personal Information") by assigning a chief privacy officer and installing rules on its proper handling.
  2. The acquisition of Personal Information is limited to what is necessary for operations, and is done so through proper methods. When acquiring Personal Information, the purpose, usage, and contact information to handle complaints and inquiries must be clearly communicated.
  3. Except for what is required by law, Personal Information is not disclosed nor used beyond specific usage granted by you when the Personal Information is collected.
  4. Reasonable safety measures, including ID and password access restrictions to data files and limited access to facilities, will be taken to protect Personal Information from risks such as illegal access, loss, destruction, tamper, or leaks. Periodic review and enhancements of measures and implementation will be made.
  5. An inquiry desk will be set to handle complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information and management system of Personal Information.
  6. In case we entrust a third party with the handling of any Personal Information, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over and/or contract with such entities to ensure compliance to the rules, usage, management, and security of such Personal Information.
  7. In case we are requested to disclose, edit, add, delete, stop usage, clear, stop providing data to third parties, and/or notify the purpose of usage by you, after verifying your identity, we will handle requests within a reasonable amount of time.
  8. We will observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy set by the government; review and enhance the handling process of Personal Information; and continuously review and enhance our Privacy Policy.

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