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【Japan Travel】Cultural Search Now Available for Inbound Visitors

Search for cultural themes such as anime and seasonal scenery on the Japan Travel by NAVITIME app

Tokyo, Japan -- November 16, 2023 - NAVITIME JAPAN has released a new search feature on their Japan Travel by NAVITIME smartphone app, which targets inbound visitors to Japan. The feature allows users to search for spots associated with culture and seasonal scenery, such as spots which appear in popular animation ("anime"), and places with beautiful autumn foliage.


Japan Travel by NAVITIME provides how-to guides, travel articles, and other information regarding traveling and sightseeing in Japan.

The new culture search will allow users to search for spots in currently four themes: autumn foliage, anime, cherry blossoms (sakura), and fireworks.
Searches can be refined based on details, such as the number of fireworks; night viewing light-up; and dates. Cherry blossom and foliage searches include real-time information, regarding the progression of the bloom/coloring. Anime can be searched by each work.

Featured articles are available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, and Korean.


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