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NAVITIME Awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 for NAVITIME for Baby and Timetable Generation System for Rail Operators

Tokyo, Japan - October 20, 2021 - NAVITIME JAPAN has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 ("G Mark", operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for two entries this year. The services awarded are NAVITIME for Baby and Timetable Generation System for Rail Operators. In addition to the general award, NAVITIME for Baby has also been selected for the Good Design Best 100.

1. NAVITIME for Baby (Category: 16-02 System/service for the general public)

Award: Good Design Best 100
NAVITIME for Baby is a web service that provides total support before, during, and after your trip with your baby or child. It proposes routes that match your mode of transportation, such as with a stroller, walking using a baby carrier, or walking together with your child. It also provides train exit door indications, information on facilities useful for changing diapers and feeding babies, articles on going out, and a checklist to for things to bring. The system supports safe and comfortable travel when going out with small children.

◯Comments by the review board
It was highly evaluated as a service that uses software to remove travel barriers, without actually changing the physical environment of the city. Hopefully, this feature will be added to NAVTIME's regular services, and will grow as an infrastructure for a society where barrier-free choices can be made available for everyone.

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2.Solution for Railway Operators: Timetable Generation System for Rail Operators (Category: 10-05 Railway, Shipping, Aircraft)

The Timetable Generation System is a system that automatically generates timetable data in optimal format (PDF, HTML, etc.) for various medium, such as for station timetables displayed on information boards at the ticket gates and platforms; paperback timetables; and official websites and smartphone applications, based on timetable data supplied from railroad operators. By integrating the entire process from generation to verification, the system contributes to cost reduction and operational efficiency of the railroad operators.

◯Comments by the review board
Railroad companies have to replace all the timetables posted at stations, platforms, websites, apps, etc., with new ones right before the effective date.
Much of the work has been done manually, but using this system railway operators only need to do supply the new timetable data, and it will be tailored to display on multiple media.

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■NAVITIME for Baby will be displayed at the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2021
NAVITIME for Baby will be introduced at GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2021, which will be held at Tokyo Midtown from October 20, 2021 (Wed.) to November 21, 2021 (Sun.). The exhibition will feature this year's Good Design Best 100.

About the Good Design Award:
The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is an evaluation and promotion activity for representative Japanese design, inheriting the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad participate, the award is held every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and applying design to solve social issues and themes. The "G Mark," the symbol of the award, is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in design. For more information, please visit

NAVITIME JAPAN was founded on March 1, 2000 and is headquartered in Minato Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The current CEO and President is Keisuke Onishi, PhD. The company is the leading provider of navigation technology and services, offering solutions such as navigation services and apps for both individual and corporate customers.

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