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Four new services wins the award

Tokyo, Japan - October 5, 2023 -
NAVITIME JAPAN (President and CEO: Keisuke Onishi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 ("G Mark", operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for four entries this year.


The services awarded are:
1. ALKOO Hikage Route (shaded route)
2. Haitatsu NAVITIME (delivery)
3. Koteihyo Cloud by NAVITIME (itinerary)
4. B-Station.

Descriptions of the awarded services and their evaluations are as follows.

1. ALKOO by NAVITIME: Hikage Route (shaded route)
(Category: 18-01 Application, software for the general public / apps for smartphones and tablets)

"ALKOO by NAVITIME" for smartphones is an app to promote walking. We have developed a feature which searches for routes prioritizing shaded areas or "shaded routes," so that you can walk outside in the hot summer months as cool and comfortable as possible.

◯ Comments by the review board
With the recent record-breaking heat wave, the risk of heat stroke from walking out during the day in summer is increasing. This navigation service calculates the shaded areas based on the height of buildings and the altitude of the sun at that time, determines the route to the destination that has a large percentage of shade, and suggests a shade-priority route that does not take too large a detour, taking into account the passage of time during the walk. The company's detailed perspective - which only a company with many years of experience in navigation services can provide - and the fact that it offers functions that users are demanding today, were highly evaluated.

▶Android OS

2. Haitatsu NAVITIME ("Delivery NAVITIME"): supports delivery workers in the logistics industry (Category: 18-05 System/service for professional use)

As the number of freight light-vehicle carriers is increasing along with the number of parcels delivered, a dedicated application has been developed for delivery workers who support the last one mile of logistics. It helps improve delivery efficiency by managing delivery destinations with only a smartphone and searching for optimal delivery routes in consideration of delivery time specifications - which is the first in the industry. It will also contribute to solving the shortage of delivery workers in 2024.


◯ Comments by the review board
The driver shortage in the logistics industry is becoming an increasingly serious social issue as the "Year 2024 problem" is approaching in conjunction with reforms in the way people work. This application not only meets delivery needs in detail, such as route searches that take into account delivery time specifications, but also supports the management and streamlining of various delivery-related tasks, making use of NAVITIME JAPAN's long-accumulated experience and know-how in route guidance and navigation services. It is a meaningful initiative that will not only help drivers involved in delivery, but will also lead to solutions to social issues.

Download Delivery NAVITIME
▶Android OS

3. Koteihyo Cloud by NAVITIME (itinerary): Creating itineraries for travel agencies and chartered bus operators
(Category: 18-05 System/service for professional use)

Koteihyo Cloud is for travel agencies, chartered bus companies, and other businesses that need to create itineraries for group tours using buses. This service can be used to search routes for large buses, confirm fares, estimate fares, and create transportation application/acceptance forms and operation instructions all at once. It not only reduces workload, but also contributes to safe tourism for travelers by enabling the creation of itineraries that support safe operations.


◯ Comments by the review board
This is a service that is unique to NAVITIME JAPAN, taking advantage of its experience and accumulated know-how in navigation services. They are responding to detailed needs that cannot be fully supported by general route guidance. The aging and shortage of bus drivers and other transportation and logistics personnel are expected to become important social issues, and this service, which supports not only route guidance but also various related tasks, is a good example of DX design in mobility services, and has the potential to expand into other areas in the future.

▶Itinerary Cloud by NAVITIME overview

4. B-Staion: Bus stop information service jointly provided with Tokyu Bus Corporation
(Category: 18-05 System/service for professional use)

Bus operations are affected by road traffic, and waiting for a bus not knowing when it will arrive is something users feel uneasy about. Some bus stops are equipped with bus proximity indicators, but the LED type installed so far only provides flowing text, so information provided was limited to destinations and when the buses are approaching nearby. The new LCD type installed afterwards increased the amount of information displayed, but it had issues such as installation cost, power consumption, and durability.

The new "B-Station" bus stop information service eliminates the issues of the conventional types, and can be deployed at any bus stop. For this service, Tokyu Bus Corporation was in charge of selecting e-paper terminals and installing them at bus stops, while NAVITIME JAPAN was in charge of designing the terminals and updating the data to display the latest information.


◯ Comments by the review board
The use of e-paper has significantly reduced the installation cost and secured the information displayed. Visibility is also enhanced. This is a good example of providing the necessary technology in accordance with the location, thereby enhancing overall user convenience.

▶B-Station" introduction page on the Good Design Award website

For more information, please visit the Good Design Award website.

About the Good Design Award:
The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is an evaluation and promotion activity for representative Japanese design, inheriting the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad participate, the award is held every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and applying design to solve social issues and themes. The "G Mark," the symbol of the award, is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in design. For more information, please visit

NAVITIME JAPAN was founded on March 1, 2000 and is headquartered in Minato Ward of Tokyo, Japan. The current CEO and President is Keisuke Onishi, PhD. The company is the leading provider of navigation technology and services, offering solutions such as navigation services and apps for both individual and corporate customers.

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